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Root Canals

Biocalex is a product that has been used in Europe for over 15 years in the treatment of infected dental pulp (root canal). It uses calcium oxide (CaO), zinc oxide (ZnO) and a special ethyl glycol/water liquid. Calcium hydroxide has been repeatedly demonstrated to be the most biocompatible material used in endodontic therapy and studies have demonstrated that calcium hydroxide is more effective than phenols in killing bacteria isolated from infected root canals.

For chemically sensitive person, endodontic treatment presents some very special problems because of the toxicity of the existing materials used in the treatment. In this regard, Biocalex has been evaluated and found to be highly biocompatible. As no toxic chemicals or cements need to be used to sterilize or seal the canal(s), Biocalex offers hope to the patient with multiple chemical sensitivities who might otherwise need to have the tooth extracted because of an inability to tolerate the materials that would be used to endodontically treat the infected tooth.

Although Biocalex can be seen on an x-ray initially, after conversion to calcium carbonate, it will look no different than the normal tooth structure. Consequently, you may not be able to tell whether the tooth has been treated, and therefore, it is extremely important that your dentist note on your records that Biocalex was used, otherwise a new dentist might say that a root canal was never done.





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