Runar D. Johnson, D.D.S.
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Today, most dental researchers agree that periodontal disease is the result of bacterial infection. Dental researchers also agree that much of the damage to the bone and soft tissue is due to the inflammatory response of the body. Periodontal disease causes approximately 70% of all adult tooth loss. Only 30% is due to tooth decay.

One of the purposes of periodontal treatment is the establishment of bacterial control from day to day. Runar D. Johnson, D.D.S., N.D recommends products from the Dental Herb Company, toothpaste, tonic rinse and irrigants. These products are alcohol-free, non-staining and economical. They use only pure and complete essential oils, not diluted or fractioned "flavorings" or chemically synthesized "active ingredients." The botanical tinctures are made from organically grown or ecologically wildcrafted medicinal plants which contain an exceptionally high concentration of bioactives. They are superior to the lower quality extracts found in most commercial products, even other supposedly "natural" ones.

Note: Dental Herb Company products can only be sold from a licensed distributor.





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