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Oxygen / Ozone Therapy

Medical oxygen/ozone is a mixture of the purest, (medical grade), oxygen and the purest ozone. Concentration of the mixture varies – 0.05% to 5% ozone, depending on the application.

Ozone therapy raises the oxygen levels in the body. It can have both a local and systemic affect. It has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The ozone molecules attack the cell membrane, oxidize, rupture and kill the cell. Ozone will not have this affect on healthy cells because their cell membranes have antioxidants - and can not enter. Ozone help the body make its’ own anti-oxidants.

Lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases. When oxygen/ozone is administered at low concentrations, the body re-activates the immune system. Ozone stimulates circulation, blood and lymph, making it valuable in revitalizing function.

A positive effect a person should be aware of is a healing crisis, which is when the body naturally attempts to rid itself of toxins trapped in the body. These toxins, which are broken down and released by ozone treatment, can produce flu-like symptoms for up to three days. Drinking adequate amounts of pure water, getting quality nutrition and rest usually decreases the severity of symptoms.

Forms of application in dentistry include:

~ infusion into infected jaw bone, (cavitation)
~ infusion into the temporomandibular joint for the treatment of pain and inflammation
~ during new root canal therapy to disinfect the involved tooth
~ infusion of a chronically infected root canal, (previous treated tooth)
~ adjunctive therapy with the use of Ozonated Olive Oil for periodontal disease.
~ treatment of infected gums and periodontal pockets.

For further information on ozone and bio-oxidative therapies: Oxygen/Ozone Applications in Dentistry
Robert E. Harris, Jr. DMD, NMD, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Associate Professor, Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Private Practice, Dental Orthopedics and Orthodontics, TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine, and Naturopathic Medicine.





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